Top 10 Magento 2 Extension to boost Online Sales and Marketing 2019

Top 10 Magento 2 Extension to boost Online Sales and Marketing 2019

Thankfully, Magento 2 platform provides plenty of sales generating extensions on the Magento Marketplace. Whether it is trust-building, marketing, sales-boosting or increasing conversion rates, there is an extension available for that.

Among the thousands of available Magento extensions, it's really overwhelming to find and select the best ones that suit your requirements. If you too agree with this viewpoint, then congrats you are on the right web page. We have gone ahead and handpicked a list of 10 best Magento extensions that tend to sort your Magento eCommerce store problems. Here's the list:

Marketing Automation

1. Social Feed Magento 2 Extension

Integrating social feed to Magento store now made easier.

'The Social Feed Magento 2 Extension' provides a hassle-free mechanism to integrate the social media feed from various social media platforms to the Magento store. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, all can be integrated within the matter of few clicks.

social feed magento 2 extension setup

The admin just needs to provide a set of details from the social media platforms. One premium feature includes allowing the admin to customize the widget to make the user-interface as per their branding.

The live social feed allows the store owners to acknowledge store visitors about their social presence. This provides an additional benefit to the store owners as more visitors get connected to the store owners via social media, ultimately leading to branding.


  • Live Social Feed Integration
  • Lightweight Extension
  • Facebook News Feed
  • Instagram News Feed
  • Live Twitter Feed
  • Widget Creation and Customization

2. Product Inquiry Magento 2 Extension

Boost sales by clearing customer’s product-related doubts and questions quickly.

The 'Product Inquiry Magento 2 Extension' is one of the must-have Magento 2 extension. In the real-time, the customer will make the purchase only if he is clear with what he is going to receive.

product inquiry magento 2 extension

As soon as the customers are clear about the deliverables, they easily transfer from potential to existing customers list.

The 'Product Inquiry Magento 2 Extension' allows the potential customers to submit their inquiries related to any specific product to the store owners. The admin will then receive an email notification whenever a new inquiry is submitted.

The extension then allows the admin to respond back to clear all the customer queries via email.


  • Allow the guest users to submit product inquiries
  • Track of past inquiries
  • Get notified for new inquiry via email
  • One click Magento inquiry form extension
  • Filter inquiries
  • Customized Inquiry View
  • Easy installation & setup

3. Quick Order Magento 2 Extension
Faster and easy checkout using the SKU order number.

The ‘Quick Order Magento 2 Extension’ allows the customers to make the purchase in the matter of a few clicks. This poses huge advantages to the wholesalers for making the bulk order purchases. Once the SKU order number is known, you are good to go.

quick order magento 2 extension

The extension eliminates the need to navigate the store manually in the search of products.


  • Find products with SKU
  • Select product quantity & attributes
  • Edit product quantity and attributes
  • Remove selected product
  • Set max. product results
  • Enable extension for Customer groups

Increase the average cost per order and upsell.

The ‘Auto-related products Magento 2 Extension’ showcases the related products by establishing the relations between displayed products and related products using the set of defined conditions and actions.

auto related products magento 2 extension

This increases the average order value, reduce the abandoned carts, and offer products that customers are looking for in a very handy way.

All you need to do is just select from the wide range of filter and then you are good to go.


  • Display related products
  • Display products based on categories and attributes
  • Multiple attributes to select custom related products
  • Filter all related products by price
  • Related products count
  • Sort products to be displayed
  • Easy to integrate with custom theme design

5. WhatsApp Product Share Magento 2 Extension

Boost your Magento store sales and traffic using Whatsapp from mobile devices.

The ‘WhatsApp Product Share Magento 2 Extension’ offers dual benefits to the Magento store owners. Firstly, it acts as a medium of huge referral traffic promoting your brand and product (word of mouth marketing) and secondly, it increases the sales revenue.

Whatsapp Product Share Magento 2 Extension

The potential and/or converting customers can share the product in the matter of a few clicks while accessing the store on their mobile devices.


  • Share products on WhatsApp
  • Customize button size
  • Multiple positions to mount share button
  • Custom text with product URL
  • Custom footer background color
  • Easy to install and configure

Customers Engagement

6. Product FAQ Magento 2 Extension

Displaying FAQ’s in a matter of seconds.

Knowing the importance of FAQs, the ‘Product FAQ Magento 2 Extension’ helps the customers to understand the product in detail before making the purchase. Most significantly, this benefits the customer to understand the product reducing the refund request possibilities.

product faq magento 2 extension


  • Add FAQs to product pages
  • Enable customer to ask questions
  • Approve & answer questions
  • Manage FAQs
  • Filters to shortlist products
  • Easy installation and configuration

7. Social Login Magento 2 Extension

Allow your customers to log in to the Magento store using social media.

The ‘Social Login Magento 2 Extension’ provides a medium for users to complete the login process using social media accounts.

social login magento 2 extension

This choice is available at login, register and checkout page. The extension enhances the user experience as the user gets the choice from any of the social media platforms.


  • Provide social login
  • Add other social accounts
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Easy to enable/disable
  • Compatible with all Magento 2 versions

8. WhatsApp Contact Magento 2 Extension

Live WhatsApp chat with your Magento store visitors on all devices.

The ‘WhatsApp Contact Magento 2 Extension’ provides the facility of live chat with your customers visiting the store. Independent of the device being used by the store visitors, our extension is capable to provide the sheer service to all.

whatsapp contact magento 2 extension


  • Easy to enable/disable
  • Choice for mobile, desktop or both
  • Multiple icon positions
  • Customize icon color
  • Default phone number and push message
  • Compatible with all Magento 2 versions

Store Optimization

9. Delete Order Magento 2 Extension

Deletion of test orders now made easier.

During the development and testing phase, numerous test orders are created to check the correct functionality of the store. Now, once the store is live, no one likes to see those test orders.

delete order magento 2 extension

Here, ‘Delete Order Magento 2 Extension’ comes into play. The extension allows the admin to delete such orders in a hassle-free manner.


  • Delete test orders
  • Delete order documents
  • Filters available
  • Compatible with all Magento 2 versions

10. Account Delete Magento 2 Extension 

Make your Magento eCommerce GDPR compliant. 

With reference to GDPR Compliance, the ‘Account Delete Magento 2 Extension’ allows the user to delete his account from the Magento store anytime with the ease of a few clicks.

account delete magento 2 extension

The extension provides all configurations that allow all the users to delete his account from the Magento store. Also, to authenticate the deletion of the account, the extension provides the email confirmation verification.


  • GDPR Compliant
  • Two-Phase Delete Account Process
  • Email Verification Needed
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Compatible with all Magento 2 versions


Looking for the best Magento 2 extension? Well, it is difficult to answer this question. After testing numerous we are a numerous extension, we came listed the best 10 of them in the article. You’ve read the list. Now, it’s time to pick the Magento extensions and test them.

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