What is the importance of Product FAQ?

What is the importance of Product FAQ?

Struggling to improve customer relationships? Well, providing FAQ to the customers can be a solution to this. Not only for guiding the customers, but the FAQ serves as a medium to build trust with the aim to ultimately convincing the customer to make the purchase.

Now without taking much time, let’s enlighten the importance of product FAQ. In the end, we’ll also discuss some of the Magento 2 FAQ Extensions that can be deployed on Magento eCommerce store.

product inquiry magento 2 extension

Here is a closer look at the reasons to have a FAQ on an eCommerce store.

In the eCommerce business, the prime focus is to encourage the store visitors to make a purchase. Here, the main hurdle is to make the customer free from the barriers (such as confusion in the feature list, return policy, exchange policy, etc.) while making the purchase.

The FAQ serves to solve these problems by simply providing the answers to the generic questions that arise in the customer's mind after the first view of the product. This builds trust among the customers.

As soon as these questions are clear, there is a huge probability for the customer to convert.

The FAQ page plays an important role in building brand awareness. Seeing all the questions answered insists the customers to believe that the store owner has taken care of all the scenarios regarding the product and he himself need not do that.

This makes the customer think that this “XYZ” brand takes care of all the aspects of the product. This is again an advantage.

Content marketing aims to drive traffic to the website, thriving to build trust with potential customers. The content marketing strategy involves publishing blogs and social media posts that answer a particular question.

Targeting the problems and questions with appropriate keywords in the blog can definitely provide you competitive SEO advantage over your competitors. In this, you answer the FAQ via blogs. If you are able to rank a blog on a search engine, it will be a source of insane traffic by providing value to your potential customers.

At times, there are scenarios where the eCommerce store provides the same product with two different sizes or feature list. At this point, you need to be customer-centric by providing crystal clear details about each product.

Using FAQ as a medium of communication, you need to provide the best fit solution for the customer that solves their problem.

Doubtlessly, a product has a number of policies/conditions/warranties and guarantees concerned for its usability. Although there is a dedicated page for that, FAQ is a good place as well to remind that to the customers.

The customer comes to the FAQ to get a problem resolved. Here, you need to be strategic.

Even though you have gone through all the questions that can strike the customers, you need them to contact you if they don’t find the solution to their problem. For this, you need to add the contact info, links or details in the FAQ section.

Doing this enables the customers to contact you instantly without navigating elsewhere. Providing a live chat option here will be the best solution. This will always be better than losing potential customers for good.

Now that we have gone through the importance of FAQ for an eCommerce store, let's dive into their implementation on the world's best eCommerce platform, ie., Magento.

Now how to add the FAQ to Magento 2 Store?
Leading eCommerce solutions, Magento Store can be made to showcase FAQ regarding the products, and that too with 100% user convenience.

Thanks to “Product FAQ Magento 2 Extension.”

The “Product FAQ Magento 2 Extension” allows the Magento store admin to display product FAQ. Not only this, the premium feature of this FAQ extension allows the potential customers to submit their inquiries to the admin. The admin can then respond back to the inquiry which will be displayed on the FAQ as well.

Another way that allows the potential customers to inquire about the product is by the use of “Product Inquiry Magento 2 Extension.”

product inquiry magento 2 extension

The extension allows the customers to submit their inquiries about the product. The admin can then respond back to the inquiry which is notified by an email to the customer.

In this way, the customer can clear all the doubts about the product before making the purchase.

Here are some customer support related Magento 2 extensions that you can be implemented on Magento eCommerce Store.

Ready to build Perfect FAQ page?
To start with the FAQ page, figure out whether it will be right for you or not? Then, find the questions that a customer can have. This is the most tricky and time-consuming part. Also, go through your competitor’s FAQ. as well.

Finally, use “Product FAQ Magento 2 Extension” to display the FAQ on the eCommerce store. In this step, keep the sequence and funnel flow in the mind. That’s it and you are good to go!

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