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Size Chart For Magento 2

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The administrator can without much of a stretch include new chart size by visual HTML editorial manager, set size chart image, set block and insert variable. Effectively upload size charts and manage with their showcase on product pages to keep the web store UI advantageous and attractive.

  • Admin can enable or disable the extension from the backend
  • Admin can customize size chart button from admin panel
  • Size chart can be displayed on multiple store view
  • Size chart can be displayed in two possible ways: in the pop-up and on page
  • Assign size charts to an individual product, or to a category
  • Create positive user experience by visually attractive content
  • Show different size charts to customer groups and in-store views
  • Easy installation and configuration
Overview :

Magento 2 Size Chart extension, enable the customer to discover the products that fit them. Give convenient guides on cloth size conversion that will illuminate the differences in sizes by brands, nations, and product types. Magento 2 Size Chart extension gives you a chance to connect with more customer by enhancing your product pages. Size Chart extension causes clients to effectively discover actual size. Size chart can be displayed in the popup window or page content.

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Version 2.0.0 - Dec 05, 2018
– First Preview Release
License serial number for WebForms Professional Edition is missing.


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