Magento Upgrade And Migration

Magento Upgrade And Migration

Magneto is hands down the leading eCommerce solution out there. With a vast developer community to innovate on an already robust platform, it is continuously improving to help you maximize on your eCommerce business. Whether you want to upgrade to the latest version of Magento or migrate your current eCommerce solution to Magento the experienced EvinceMage team can help you make that transition smoothly.

Reasons to Migrate to Magento

Newest Technology

The new Magento 2 has upgraded the minimum technological stack. What this means is that at a minimum the PHP 5.5 version will only be supported. Likewise MySQL 5.6, HTML5, CSS3 are now standard to be able to use the platform. The Magento Community is continuously upgrading and improving the platform, this will help make sure your business stays in line with technology.

Excellent Performance Faster
Loading times

The great feature of the new Magento 2 is that is has a built-in full page cache. This FPC supports varnish as back-end. The load time for the home, product and category pages on the first view will be fast (less than 1.5 sec per page) and faster when the cache is enabled (less than 0.75 sec per page). The JavaScript management has been improved with the move from prototype JS to JQuery and Require JS. JavaScript Bundling has also been implemented to reduce the page load time.

The new Magento 2.0 is now compatible with varnish 4, and the HHVM 3.6 which enables to compile PHP code on the go.

Easy Customisation and integrations

Magento has been built for easy customisation. You can extend and customise almost all of Magento’s features. You can connect Magento to most third party systems by creating modules and using APIs. The new Magento 2 published well-defined APIs that serve as interface to modules.

This ensures that code changes within the module do not affect external modules and vice versa. This helps in customizing and enhancing the modules

The new code base has been re-structured so that everything specific to a module resides under a single directory for that module. Magento 2 now uses the defacto PHP package manager, Composer (, to manage the installation of modules. The business logic and presentation logic have also been separated so that it is easy to customize and maintain customization even when product patches are installed.

Smooth Upgrades

The new Magento 2 has made it easier for merchants to upgrade and patch their store. With a strong developer community a lot of Magento’s modules are updated on par with the latest versions of the platform.

Minimal Testing Efforts

The new Magento 2 has been created using automated test strategies. What this means is that your developers can now write test cases to ensure that the implementations they have done has not broken any of the main functionalities . Magento has created the Magento Test Framework (MTF) where all functional testing can be done . MTF is an open source cross-platform solution, MTF allows you to quickly develop functional tests for the Magento application. These tests can be performed at any time. You can now run tests independently or many tests together.

Now is the time to upgrade your business and Migrate your shopping cart to the best Open source eCommerce solution in the world.

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