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Magento Extension Development

If you are a company wanting to get your internet product, SAS on Magento or you need a very niche custom add-on to your Magento store then we can create the perfect extension for you and even verify it with Magento Connect. We have created 100s of extensions, both of our own and for others that are currently available on Magento connect and we have created custom private Magento integration and add-ons for many prestigious clients.

Types of Addons we have created
  • Accounting & Finance

    • ERP & Accounting Image
    • Taxes
  • Marketing

    • Email Marketing
    • CRM
    • SEO/SEM
    • Marketing Automation
    • Advertising
  • Content & Customizations

    • Translations & Localization
    • Mobile
    • Personalization & Experience Management
  • Product Content

    • Rich Media
    • Site Search & Navigation
  • Payments & Security

    • Checkout Enhancements
    • Fraud
    • Payment Integration
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Sales

    • Comparison Shopping Engines
    • Gifts
    • Marketplace Feeds
    • Point of Service (POS)
    • Pricing & Promotions
    • Rewards & Loyalty
  • Shipping & Fulfillment

    • Address Verification
    • Crossborder Fulfillment
    • Order and warehouse management

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