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Selfie Product Gallery For Magento 1

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Buyers can see real time look and feel of a product instead of artificially tailored images.

  • Admin will himself approve images.
  • Admin can disapprove an obscene or inappropriate image.
  • Previous Buyers will upload an image of them with his/her product.
  • Buyers can see that images as soon as admin approves it.
  • Buyers uploading their selfie-image can link the image to buyers product page.
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Overview :

In this hot tending phenomenon of selfies and stylish photos, Buyers can see real time look and feel of a product instead of artificially tailored images. Buyers can see how product looks on humans based on the pic uploaded by previous buyers.

Benefits :

  • For Buyers, they can get an idea how the product will look on them based on photos uploaded by previous buyers.
  • For Sellers, they can market their products with pictures of previous buyers.
  • For Website owner, they can get buyer's trust by allowing pictures of users with their products.
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Version 1.0.0 - Mar 26, 2015
– First Preview Release

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