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Customer Attributes For Magento 2

Customer Attributes extension allows you to collect additional data from customers by adding new attributes to the registration page, the account page, and the checkout page. There are some decent variety traits types as the text field, text area, date, multiple select, dropdown, yes/no, file upload. Make Customer Attributes of various types to effectively assemble as much data as you require. So then we can gather business-related and personal data required from the customer.

  • The admin can manage all the Customer Attributes
  • The admin user can create attributes
  • Show additional characteristics of various info types
  • Sort order to display attributes on the frontend
  • Flexibly add Customer Attributes in customer grid, customer detail Page and order detail
  • Add new attributes to the registration form page, account information page, and checkout page
  • Set default value for the attributes
  • We can add attributes of type text, text area, note, date, yes/no, multiple select and dropdown
  • Show custom customer registration fields for multiple store views
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Customer Attributes extension enables you and your customer to oversee accounts in a decent and simple way. In addition, it is adaptable to enable you to manage everything related to customer accounts password and their information.

Support: More info contact us on

Username: customerattribute
Password: demo@123
Version 2.0.0 - Feb 11, 2019
– First Preview Release
License serial number for WebForms Professional Edition is missing.


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