Magento Maintenance Service

Maintaining an online store is as important as maintaining your physical store. Maintenance draws lot of importance in developing an online business today. A constantly maintained and regularly upgraded Magento Store can do wonders in online business transactions and hence grow the profit margins of your online business At Evince Development, we understand that well maintained Magento Store indeed helps gaining a competitive advantage. That is why we offer Magento Maintenance service. . 

We provide customised Magento Maintenance services depending on diverse natures.

  • Imparting store Training
  • Database Back-up
  • Store Enhancement
  • Template/Theme changes
  • Email Template customization
  • Version up gradation
  • Extensions and module check/updates
  • Google Analytics/Base/Checkout
  • XHTML/CSS Changes
  • Trouble shooting and bug fixing
  • File Permissions Check
  • Security Scan
  • Broken Links Check
  • Multi-store
  • Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Tracking your visitors

Evince Development offers the customized maintenance service suits your Magento store support requirement.  Call us or Email us today to learn more about the maintenance service at

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