Magento HTML 5 and CSS3 Development

HTML is the most powerful markup language for the web.With the introduction of HTML 5, it has increased its credibility and features even more!  Its support for web applications and the incredible layouts that can be made with the help of CSS3 combine to make the web a better looking hub of fantastic websites.

HTML5 is extremely popular with the web development world because of its built-in video controls, application cache and canvas for Images. HTML5 is ideal for online video in E commerce Web stores, as it does not require additional plug-in for video streaming such as Flash. HTML5 also gives an e-commerce website the opportunity to build a single platform without worrying about native apps for a myriad of devices and operating systems. HTML5 is also great for mobile devices as it doesn’t require additional scripts for checking validation thus speeding up the loading time and saving developer’s time and effort while producing astounding results. It also supports the geo-location features as per compliance standards. CSS3 on the other hand, is the latest standard for CSS used to control the style and layout of Web pages.CSS3 is great in styling sections of your web pages with innovative layouts. One can take optimum advantage of both HTML5 and CSS3 web standards for creating applications.

Magento web development is one of the most preferred eCommerce solutions globally. More and more companies are using it. The main reason behind the popularity is the user-friendliness offered by the open source ecommerce solution. Magento is fit for iPhone application development use too. We have adept developers who can deliver the best since they have ample experience and expertise working with the solution. One can create custom themes and features on the go, tailored for every business.

We have a highly experienced team of designers and Magento developers who have significant experience in developing Magento–based e-stores using HTML 5 and CSS3. We have already designed and developed stores using these languages and do understand how it behaves on different browsers as well as in different mobile platforms.

Why us?

  • Extensive HTML 5/CSS3 mark up services
  • Magento based theme development
  • Magento-based add-ons
  • Significant use of java scripts

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