Magento Customization

Magento is one of the market leading open source eCommerce solutions, but it doesn't always offer all the required features whether be it community edition or enterprise editionto fulfill your business needs. In majority of the cases it requires some of more customization / tweaks in to the existing system to make it work the way you want. This is where we come into the picture for customization. At Evince Development we have extensive experience of offering magento customization as well as plug-in development services.

We are a market leader when it comes to developing custom magento store. We enjoy the vast experience of working with several ecommerce projects which eventually affects our level of expertise. We have also worked with majority of the industrieswhich proves our profound understanding of these industries. With the perfect blend of talented resources and proven methodologies, we always try to deliver supreme quality Magento Customization services.

We have developed several custom magento projects which include work such as:

  •  Custom magento theme designing and development
  •  Custom product category generation and management
  •  Customization of standard functionalities of Magento
  •  Empowering admin with customized admin panel
  •  Customizing existing theme to match your designing preference
  •  Customizing existing marketing modules to give more personalized touch
  •  Enhanced user navigation to make user experience more joyful
  •  Extensive use of java scripts/CSS to make feature rich and attractive front-end
  •  Magento Custom built report generation facility
  •  Magento Extension development and existing extension customization
  •  Custom module development for Magento
  •  Magento Shopping cart customization
  •  Custom shipping and Payment module integration
  •  Magento Installation

 We can customize your existing theme ormodules or can even develop a whole new module from scratch as per your project need. No matter how easy or difficult the customization is, our experienced magento developers can give it a personalized touch the way you want. We also guarantee quality rich custom magento store development at affordable price.

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