If you are serious about your store and looking for professional Magento consulting then your search ends here. Evince Development is a leading Magento Consulting Service provider company from Ahmedabad, India. It is a fact everything about business revolves around user behaviour. You can create ideas but to implement the e-commerce stores, you definitely need Magento because of its varied features. We have the broad experience and knowledge in e-commerce to be effective in your business development and success.

Understanding your customer-buying patterns is crucial for the success of your business. We are always sure about how we can boost unique visitors to your site. Making use of the experience in the ecommerce domain, our developers utilize a variety of features and add-ons to make your site a veritable success.

We work very closely with our clientsat every stage of the project development and help them identifying the best Magento features for their ecommerce store. Our Magento consultants have extensive experience in setting up robust e-stores and shopping carts for our global clients and can guide the best possible solution for your store that fits well within your budget.Magento boosts search engine optimization capabilities since it has inbuilt features which are favourable to get the site to top rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also includes SEO-friendly characteristics which make sure that the site is noticed by many, and relevant visitors throng your site all the time.

Our Magento developers can help you set-up a powerful ecommerce store at low costs because of its open source e-commerce capabilities. The application comes with numerous in-built features that can be easily customized as per your requirement. Magento’s templates and themes available easilycan be customized further to match with website themes. The platform is very user-friendly and easily integrated with several payment gateways.

Thorough requirement study is essential to create effective web pages including the home page. Business strategy needs to be in place before the structure of the store is designed. The website should be aligned to customers expectations too.  With our extensive experience in Magento store designing, development, customization, integration etc. we help our clients establish an ecommerce solution that is highly advanced, built with the latest plug-ins and add-ons. We can even scale up the systems to support huge online stores.

Benefits of our services

  •   Identify best features, structure, theme, and flow for the Magento ecommerce store
  •   Implementation of valid HTML5& CSS3
  •   Latest Cross-browser compatibility
  •   User-friendly and SEO friendly structure
  •   Cost-effective rates without compromising quality
  •   Minimum project implementation time
  •   Reduced overheads
Evince Development
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