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The Magento community is an open source web application development platform which is built using Zend framework and Entity-Attribute-Value database model to store data. It is available in two open source versions: community and enterprise. Magento offers free community edition to download which is supported by large group of developers on the Magento Community site forums to share their knowledge, assist each other, exchange tips and tricks and to offer support. Development of the Magento Community Edition continues at a rapid pace through this model, providing a basic and powerful solution for small shops looking for a state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform.It has proven to be one of the most demanding open source platforms in the current market for developing feature-rich and reliable ecommerce web stores. The platform is available under the Open Source OSL 3.0 license. It has gained lots of popularity in short span of time as there are more than hundred thousand ecommerce stores running on this framework.

Here are some Magento Community features:

  • Available for free, no licensing cost
  • Multi currency and multilingual support
  • Features like product comparison, one-page checkout, saved shopping cart, order tracking etc.
  • Rich media manager with auto image resize and watermarking feature
  • Supports and integrates easily with standard payment gateways
  • Single admin panel to manage multiple store and websites
  • Product categorization with layered and faceted navigation
  • Features like order history and multi shipment
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization capabilities
  • Swift integration between Magento and other third-party apps

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